Elective Courses

Students are required to accumulate nine semester hours of courses that cover Advanced Topics in SSPB and six semester hours of Open Elective Courses. It is recommended that at least one of the courses in Advanced Topics apply quantitative concepts from computer science, physics, and mathematics or statistics to biological problems, and at least one focus on biology within the sub-area where each student is pursuing their dissertation research. The approved advanced elective courses list is provided below. These can also be found in the Graduate Handbook.

BIOE 518: Introduction to Computation Biology
BIOE 521: Microcontroller applications
BIOE 522: Gene Therapy
BIOE 523: Control Theory/Synthetic Biology
BIOE 525: Nanobiology and Nanomedicine
BIOE 526: Precision Gene Editing
BIOE 535: Cell Based Therapeutic
BIOE 537: Genetic And Epigenetic Control
BIOE 539: Applied Statistics for Bioengineering and Biotechnology
BIOE 542: Macromolecular Systems Bioengineering
BIOE 543: DNA Biotech, Biophysics, Modeling
BIOE 561: Principles of Bioengineering I
BIOE 562: Principles of Bioengineering II
BIOE 577: Foundations of Biotechnology
BIOE 580: Protein Engineering
BIOE 587: Optic Imaging/Nanobiophotonics
BIOE 589: Computational Molecular Bioengineering
BIOE 610: Methods of Molecular Simulation
BIOS 524: Microbiology & Biotechnology
BIOS 551: Molecular Biophysics
BIOS 552: Structural Biology
BIOS 555: Computational Synthetic Biology
BIOS 561: Topics in Evolution
BIOS 569: Core Course in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
BIOS 570: Computation with Biological Data
BIOS 572: Immunology
CEVE 544: Environmental Microbiology
CHBE 540: Metabolic Engineering
CHBE 557: Discovery and Engineering of Bioactive Natural Products
CHBE 580: Protein Engineering
CHBE 588: Advances in Genome Engineering
CHEM 515: Chemical Kinetics and Reactions Mechanisms
CHEM 523: Advanced Analysis for Molecular Dynamics
CHEM 537: Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 551: Biomolecular Concepts
CHEM 552: Chemical Biology
CHEM 554: Drug Discovery
CHEM 559: Spectroscopy at the Single Molecule/Particle Limit
CHEM 650: Chemical Physics of Biological Matter
COMP 504: Graduate Object-Oriented Programming and Design
COMP 540: Statistical Machine Learning
COMP 543: Graduate Tools and Models - Data Science
COMP 547: Computational Genomics For Microbial Forensics
COMP 570: Bioinformatics: Sequence to structure
COMP 571: Bioinformatics: Sequence Analysis
COMP 572: Bioinformatics: Network Analysis
COMP 576: Introduction to Deep Learning
COMP 650: Physical Computing Seminar
COMP 670: Computational Biology Seminar
ELEC 588: Theoretical Neuroscience
ELEC 589: Neural Computation
ELEC 680: Nano-Neurotechnology (also crosslisted as BIOE 680)
PHYS 526: Statistical Physics
PHYS 551: Biological Physics
PHYS 622: Quantum Field Theory
STAT 581: Mathematical Probability
STAT 623: Probability in Bioinformatics/Genetics
STAT 650: Stochastic Differential Equations
STAT 673: High-Dimensional Data
STAT 699: Statistical Learning