SSPBĀ Leadership


Prof. Jonathan (Joff) Silberg
Director | 713-348-3849

Dr. Lesa Tran Lu
Associate Director | 713-348-4079

Dr. Jing Jin
Program Manager | 713-348-6034

Felipe Romero
Lead Financial Administrator | 713-348-5961

  • Steering Committee. Drs. Silberg (chair), Igoshin, Kimmel, Bennett, Wolynes, and Ball (ad hoc)
    This committee: (i) identifies remedial course work, (ii) advises students in the coursework that complies with SSPB requirements, and (iii) coordinates rotation and thesis advisor assignments. The Chair is the instructor for SSPB 575, Intro to Research. Any correspondence should be directed to the chair.
  • Graduate Advising Committee. Drs. Chappell (chair), Bennett, and Silberg
    This committee: (i) oversees curriculum changes, (ii) makes adjustments to course and entry requirements, and (iii) reviews and responds to student petitions for course substitutions or waivers. Any correspondence should be directed to the chair of the committee.
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee. Drs. Segatori (chair), Phillips, Igoshin, Warmflash, and Silberg
    This committee: (i) oversees the academic policies of the program, (ii) appoints training faculty, and (iii) monitors student progress. The current members include the Program Director, two Natural Sciences faculty, two Engineering faculty, and the IBB Director.