SSPB Leadership


Prof. Jonathan (Joff) Silberg
Director | 713-348-3849

Prof. Lesa Tran Lu
Associate Director | 713-348-4079

Dr. Jing Jin
Program Manager | 713-348-6034

  • Steering Committee. Drs. Silberg (chair), Bennett, Igoshin, Treangen, Wolynes, and the Director of the Institute that houses SSPB (ad hoc)
    This committee advises the program director on the academic policies of the program, appoints training faculty, and monitors program success.

  • Graduate Advising Committee. Drs. Chappell (chair), Bennett, Loveless, and Jin
    This committee advises students in coursework, coordinates rotations and thesis advisor assignments, and monitors timely progress in completing requirements (and submitting forms).

  • Graduate Curriculum Committee. Drs. Segatori (chair), Bashor, Hilton, and Thyer
    This committee advises the director on curriculum changes, adjusts course and entry requirements, and reviews student petitions for course substitutions or waivers.