Student Resources

SSPB Graduate Student Handbook

The SSPB Graduate Student Handbook has been developed as a reference guide to all processes that will occur at the different stages of graduate studies in the SSPB program.

In addition to being in agreement with the regulation stated in this SSPB handbook, students must also be in agreement with the General Announcements and the Code of Conduct. In cases where there is conflicting information, university-wide regulations take precedence over SSPB regulations, which take precedence over research group regulations. When in doubt, students should seek help first from the SSPB administration and then from the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Resources for Annual Progress Reports

Every summer, the SSPB Program reviews student progress in coursework, research, and career development. Students are required to complete and submit the following documents annually:

  • Coursework Checklist to Candidacy (.pdf)
  • Student Progress Reports (.pdf)

SSPB A-Exam Resources

The following documents are used for the SSPB Advancement to candidacy Exam (or A-Exam).

  • Advancement to Candidacy Exam Checklist (.pdf)
  • Advancement to Candidacy Faculty Evaluation Form (.pdf)
  • Guidelines for Advancement to Candidacy Evaluation (.pdf)
  • Advancement to Candidacy Committee Approval Form (.pdf)

Other University Academic Forms

Please refer to this GPS webpage to find the various forms needed for enrollment, course registration, candidacy, thesis defense/submission, and degree conferral.