The SSPB GSA Constitution is a set of guidelines that the current SSPB students have collectively written in order to develop an official governing body for the program.

The SSPB GSA Officers are:

President - Lucas Brown (
Lucas directs and oversees the execution of council goals while collaborating with officers.

Vice-President - Swetha Sridhar (
Swetha assists in the president's roles, maintains archives and meeting agendas, and serves in the president's absence.

Treasurer - Shyam Bhakta (
Shyam manages and accounts for SSPB GSA budgets, and works with other officers to plan budgets.

GSA Representative - Rosa Guerra Resendez (
Rosa is the primary representative of SSPB and SSPB GSA in the university GSA.

Recruitment Chairs - Matt Carpenter ( and Caleigh Roleck (
Matt and Caleigh assist SSPB admins with the organization and implementation of prospective student recruitment and new student orientation activities.

Social Chairs - Meidi Wang ( and Elena Musteata (
Meidi and Elena organize and oversee budgeted social events.